LumicoDesignVR enables you to rapidly:

Interact with and modify concepts

Visualise new retail designs

Adapt to changing needs

Agree with all stakeholders

Consistently implement high quality designs

Whilst dramatically saving cost


Reduce planning errors

Analyse proposed designs against brand guidelines 

Revenue generation optimisation

Remove ambiguity between stakeholders

Live design review and confirm compliance

Emotional and psychological discovery

Fixture inventory

Staff familiarisation and training e.g. fire safety

Discover optimal layouts quickly and easily

Simulated store audits

Discover space restrictions

Interactive environments



We repurpose your CAD assets or create data for you


We optimise your assets and build your design


We deliver your VR experience


We build your asset library for future use so you can deploy your concepts faster



1What is Virtual Reality?
Virtual reality allows you to experience a three-dimensional scene based on existing or proposed designs, walk around inside and view your designs in 1:1 scale in an immersive way, and even interact with your designs before they are physically built.
2What do you require from me to begin the VR project?
We can build your VR scene from any information you supply, whether it is a 2D floorplan and some concept sketches or full 3D models from your existing CAD program, we will work with you to create the scene exactly as intended. If you would like to discuss the suitability of your existing files or information for VR please contact us.
3How much is the project going to cost?
Each project is treated as unique. We are able to tailor the experience from laying out entire interactive retail spaces for viewing on VR headsets to a static visual scene that can be viewed on a Mac or PC. For these reasons we price on a per project basiswith the option of ongoing maintenance support. To get a free quote, please contact us.
4Can I change the colours of graphics products live in my VR scene?
Yes you can. We will work side by side with you to understand what colours and textures you would like on your products and implement them so you can interchange colours and graphics with a click of a button.
5Can you add new assets (e.g. fixtures, products, graphics) if I want to update my VR project?
Yes we can! All you have to do is send us your new assets and we will do the rest. Once we have updated your VR project with your new assets we then send over your updated program and you are ready to go.
6Can I use my scene on my own over and over again?
Yes you can! Once your design has been brought to life you can spend as much time as you like in your custom made VR project. You will need VR hardware in order to use your VR scene. If you need to make changes and amends to your existing scene this can be done too.
7Do I need to buy hardware?
This depends on your preference. You can buy the VR headset and a sufficiently powerful PC if you are planning to use this frequently. Alternatively we can hire you the equipment to use on a per day basis. We are always happy to provide guidance on which items to buy.
8How much does the hardware cost?
If you opt to buy the hardware yourself, we recommend the HTC Vive headset which currently retails for £759.00 and a PC or Laptop meeting the minimum spec requirements; For the HTC Vive the minimum specifications are: - Windows 7 - Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290 - Intel i5-4590 / AMD FX8350 - 4GB RAM - HDMI 1.4 Port/DisplayPort 1.2 - 1 USB 2.0 port We can advise you on different purchasing options for pre-built PCs and the best set up for your needs. If you would like some more information regarding set up or buying advice, please contact us.
9Can we set this up anywhere?
Yes you can. The minimum space for Room Tracking in VR which allows you to walk around the scene is 1.5m x 2m (5' x 6.5').
10Is it portable?
Yes it is portable. All of the hardware is neatly packaged and we have travelled internationally with our equipment.
11Can I run the VR hardware from a Mac?
Currently VR is not supported on the Mac OS. To get around this we can send you an application which allows you to navigate around the scene using your keyboard and mouse whilst displayed on your existing monitor to ensure all your shareholders can access the scene.
12Can I view my scene without the VR equipment?
Yes, we can send you an application which allows you to navigate around your scene using the keyboard and mouse which is displayed on your existing monitor. We advise you to view your project in VR as it gives you depth perception and scale of designs and objects within the scene that surpass those from a 2D image.


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